A-Frame Order Fulfillment Myths-Misconceptions Debunked

A-Frame order fulfillment myths-misconceptions

A-Frame order fulfillment myths-misconceptions

A-Frame systems have been used in high speed order fulfillment applications for over 25 years, yet the realities, myths and misconceptions of the product is huge. The following mini-articles are designed to debunk common A-Frame myths and highlight the truths of these incredibly efficient systems.

Many of the myths-misconceptions stem from a specific customer application or manufacturer’s limited product capabilities.

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  1. A-Frame Replenishment Lights Improve Efficiency (FALSE)
  2. Changing A-Frame Inventory Is Time Consuming and Difficult (FALSE)
  3. A-Frame Order Re-Circulation is Impossible (FALSE)

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A-Frame Order Fulfillment Myths-Misconceptions
Ed Romaine
Ed Romaine
Romaine has spent over 30 years involved with organizations looking to optimize their distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing operations. Focusing on customer’s processes, systems and business model, Romaine has helped dozens of organizations improve profitability by reducing labor, floor space, errors and inventory while improving accuracy, inventory turns and cut-off times.Within the industry trade association, MHI, Romaine has taken numerous leadership positions over his 18 year membership including: Chairman of the Automated Storage & Retrieval (AS/RS) Group, Chairman of the Order Fulfillment Council of America, Chairman of the Warehouse Execution Systems Group and was one of the originators of the Carousel and VLM Product Section Group.Romaine is a frequent editorial and information contributor to hundreds of publications, blogs and online publications and has been a speaker at dozens of Supply Chain, Logistics, Lean and Facility organizations and functions.

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