New Automatic Pick-to-Tote Kitting System with Under 4 Month ROI

Pick-to-Tote Kitting SystemThe new automatic Pick-to-Tote Kitting System allows organizations to pick kits and orders by saving up to 98% of the labor and generating a return on investment (ROI) of under 4 months.

The criteria for picking kits include: hours of labor required, accuracy levels, flexibility to change order profiles and of course generating a fast ROI required to justify the operation.

How productive is the Mobile-Matic kitting system? Assuming a manual picker can pick 80 lines per hour with an average of three lines per kit and six items per line from shelving, an operator will need 21 hours of labor to pick 550 kits.

The portable A-Frame can do the same 550 kits with three lines with six items per line in under 15 minutes. This can translate into an ROI in under 4 months. The additional benefits are being able to not only complete these 550 kits, but being able to increase the kitting capacity to 1200 kits with more lines and items per line in under 40 minutes, in comparison to 75 hours of labor. The larger the quantity of kits, lines and items the more dramatic the ROI.

The automatic Pick-to-Tote Kitting System is based on SI System’s patented Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame technology. The portable A-Frame is comprised of a system of channels mounted on a wheeled frame. Each channel holds a stack of products (SKUs). A dispenser in each channel can dispense between two to five items per second for incredibly high throughput rates. Every channel has multiple sensors to know which order is being filled, items are ready to be dispensed and the correct item has been successfully dispensed into the proper order assuring accuracy.

Up to 16 channels are mounted on one frame. Up to four frames can be integrated into one system with up to 64 channels. The frames are on wheels and are rolled up to existing conveyor runs and easily integrates into existing WMS, WCS or inventory management software.

As a tote is routed on the conveyor in front of the Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame, the correct SKU and its quantity is dispensed into the tote. The portable A-Frame is capable of filling up to 2200 orders per hour. This is not a typo, orders… not lines. There is zero picking labor required for this process. It is totally automated. The only labor required is replenishment, which is just a small percentage of an existing workers time.

Acquisition cost for a 64 channel portable A-Frame system can be leased for under $1800.00 per month.

SI Systems has been providing world class automated software and material handling systems to order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 50 years. Systems include WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), WCS (Warehouse Control Systems), and WES (Warehouse Execution Systems) software, order fulfillment dispensing A-Frames, towline in-floor conveyor, slotting and integration services. Visit for more information and white papers on this subject or email:


Pick-to-Tote Kitting System
Ed Romaine
Ed Romaine
Romaine has spent over 30 years involved with organizations looking to optimize their distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing operations. Focusing on customer’s processes, systems and business model, Romaine has helped dozens of organizations improve profitability by reducing labor, floor space, errors and inventory while improving accuracy, inventory turns and cut-off times.Within the industry trade association, MHI, Romaine has taken numerous leadership positions over his 18 year membership including: Chairman of the Automated Storage & Retrieval (AS/RS) Group, Chairman of the Order Fulfillment Council of America, Chairman of the Warehouse Execution Systems Group and was one of the originators of the Carousel and VLM Product Section Group.Romaine is a frequent editorial and information contributor to hundreds of publications, blogs and online publications and has been a speaker at dozens of Supply Chain, Logistics, Lean and Facility organizations and functions.

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