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vertical lift module


A space saving and operator friendly vertical lift module

  • Reduces footprint by up to 85%
  • High quality and reliability thanks to the pinion principle
  • Optimized for compact storage
  • Fast running traditional VLM
  • Automatic speed optimization relative to load
  • Simple configuration no planning of product locations needed
  • Easy integration into existing storage
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)


The Microload – the New High Speed Generation of Vertical Lift Modules for Small Parts Storage.  It’s REVOLUTIONARY storage provides the ground breaking Intelligent Box Mover Technology, which has set new standards for picking speed, picking accuracy and flexible integration.

  • The order picking system enables needs-based presentation of boxes, reducing picking cycles to an absolute minimum.
  • High-speed picking – 4 times faster then a traditional VLM – up to 400 order lines per hour!
  • Handling of items in standard boxes within the system
  • Very flexible and compact storage in boxes
  • Easy configuration requiring very limited pre-planning
  • Automated replenishment = higher operating time
  • High flexibility – allows for physical integration with other EffiMat®
  • VLMs, conveyors, robots and more
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Produced in Denmark with Scandinavian design
  • Utilizing a new type of cladding for reducing noise and allowing customer specific colors and design.
  • If required, solutions for air-conditioned rooms, clean rooms and low temperatures (up to -20C) are also available