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My Metabolic Meals Order Fulfillment Solution with SI Systems

     The meal delivery industry is revolutionizing the way we receive (and eat) healthy, hearty meals.   Demand is strong with projected 10X current market growth within five years.  My Metabolic Meals ( alleviates the stress of planning and prepping meals by delivering fresh, high-quality dishes right to customers’ doorsteps. My Metabolic Meals offers a variety of meal plans with menus that change weekly: Consumers can create their own or have the company’s in-house chefs and nutrition specialists create plans for them.  Managing accelerating daily subscriber growth, delivering high quality fresh food with inventory cycle times measured in hours, coupled with order personalization for every order creates a highly challenging supply chain situation.

     When My Metabolic Meals of St. Louis, MO sought to conceptualize and introduce solutions into their operation, they embarked on a journey to automate and modernize several aspects of their operation. Facing unprecedented year-over-year growth, management realized that providing the highest customer service levels and keeping their internal expenses in check would require    implementing a technology that would allow them to fill ever increasing order volumes faster and with fewer people.

     The goals of their project were to reduce labor, shorten order picking time, allow more orders to make carrier cutoff times by effectively automating both their QC and order picking operations. The answer was an integrated dispensing solution from, SI Systems that introduced “Robotic Picking” to their operation. The cornerstone of Robotic Picking is the patented MOBILE-MATIC™ portable dispensing equipment. My Metabolic Meals selected 12 custom-configured MOBILE-MATIC™ to handle the ever-changing menu in their refrigerated warehouse. One of the most amazing benefits of the My Metabolic Meals Robotic Picking solution is that order picking now requires zero labor.

     The Project Managers from SI Systems worked with My Metabolic Meals to provide several layout drawings of the new system. With each iteration, enhancements were identified and added. The SI Systems conveyor layout was optimized for the space constraints.  The conveyor system need to fit in the cooler, while still accommodating the 12 Robotic MOBILE-MATIC™ machines, operators and replenishment inventory. The design had to consider that the equipment and the operators would be operating in a 38-degree Fahrenheit environment. In addition to the new equipment, SI Systems also seamlessly integrated the customer’s existing case sealer and carton erector into the new layout.  Complementary to the Robotic MOBILE-MATIC™ software, SI Systems also provided the operationally critical Pack Station Director software product supporting the five new Pack-Out stations. This allows My Metabolic Meals the flexibility to process the full volume of orders from the Robotic MOBILE-MATICs™ during peak times and scale down during slower processing periods. Another feature of this software is that it provides the operation a QC Display and combines a completed order status with shipping information to allow both the printing of shipping labels and personalized packing lists associated with the shipping carton.

          SI Systems team eagerly undertook this project and worked directly with the company’s entrepreneurial ownership, the environmental and product challenges to design a complete solution for My Metabolic Meals. The entire implementation of the system took only 5 days to go-live and had minimal operational impact. Commissioning included all aspects of automation shakeout, including operational training, and running test orders. This was important to the customer, as they could not interrupt fulfillment operations during the installation.

     The Metabolic Meals management team was so pleased with the ease of installation they took the time to comment on the successful engagement.  “The project design and its implementation exceeded every expectation. It has been a pleasure working with the SI Systems team!  Going forward we can now mobilize our 16 MOBILE-MATIC™ robots for our ever-changing SKU’s and demands at the speed and scale we need to support our customers’ orders!”  M. Davis, Plant Manager.

     The original goals of reduced labor, faster picking, increased throughput capacity, and implementing automation were achieved with a proven state-of-the-art robotic e-commerce order fulfillment system. Additional benefits to the customer included increased quality, improved customer service, a rapid ROI, and both scalability and portability for future growth.   (Not to mention the improved productivity that comes by reducing operator exposure to a cold environment.) The implementation of Robotic Picking by the MOBILE-MATIC™ will allow My Metabolic Meals to handle continued growth that is projected well into the future.