New Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame Pick to Shipper Model
Picks up to 2,200 Orders per Hour


New Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame

The Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame provides high levels of flexibility by being able to change product sizes and system location in a matter of minutes. Likewise, the system’s modularity allows SKU positions to be quickly added and subtracted.

The patented Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame is comprised of up to 16 channels which contain one SKU per channel and are mounted on a wheeled cart. Up to four carts can be integrated into one system. Each channel has a dispenser at the bottom which automatically inserts the correct SKU and quantity for each order as the shipper/order passes. Every channel can dispense up to five items per second.

The Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame can be easily integrated into new and existing operations. The type of products and organizations that benefit from a Pick-to-Shipper A-Frame are numerous because the system can handle SKU sizes ranging from .6” to 10.5” wide, 2” to 12.4” deep and .4” to 4.5” high.

With the ability to pick up to 2,200 orders per hour directly to shippers with near perfect accuracy and a fraction of the labor associated with piece picking systems, the Mobile-Matic A-Frame system often provides a Return on Investment (ROI) of under 12 months.

About SI Systems

SI Systems has been providing world class automated material handling solutions, systems and software for order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 55 years. Solutions and systems include workstation A-Frames, portable A-Frames, document inserters, towline conveyor, carousels, VLMs, AGV and AGC, WES, WMS and WCS software plus consulting, slotting and integration services.




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New Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame
Ed Romaine
Ed Romaine
Romaine has spent over 30 years involved with organizations looking to optimize their distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing operations. Focusing on customer’s processes, systems and business model, Romaine has helped dozens of organizations improve profitability by reducing labor, floor space, errors and inventory while improving accuracy, inventory turns and cut-off times.Within the industry trade association, MHI, Romaine has taken numerous leadership positions over his 18 year membership including: Chairman of the Automated Storage & Retrieval (AS/RS) Group, Chairman of the Order Fulfillment Council of America, Chairman of the Warehouse Execution Systems Group and was one of the originators of the Carousel and VLM Product Section Group.Romaine is a frequent editorial and information contributor to hundreds of publications, blogs and online publications and has been a speaker at dozens of Supply Chain, Logistics, Lean and Facility organizations and functions.

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