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SI Systems Celebrates 65 Years of Excellence

SI Systems is proud to mark 65 years as a pioneering provider of material handling technology.

Since 1958, the company’s towline conveyors and order picking technologies have been at the forefront of transforming more than 1,500 distribution centers and warehouse facilities in the US and globally.

SI’s vision of innovating automated material handling systems started with the introduction of automated cart switching. This was quickly followed by the successful launch of the low-profile towline conveyor system, which was widely received in the industry, particularly in warehouse facilities. Read More

Automation Solutions

High Speed Order Fulfillment systems with A Frame technology
High Speed Order Fulfillment Systems
  • Fastest robotic order fulfillment automation available on the market
  • Reduction in manual pick labor for improvement on human capital expenditure
  • Improved throughput with order fulfillment rates as high as 4,200 orders per hour
  • Reduction in chargebacks, major retail deductions, and restocking costs
  • Highly scalable solutions with proven pick accuracy close to 99%
towline conveyor showing High Speed Order Fulfillment Systems
Conveyance Systems
  • Increased production efficiency and overall throughput
  • Repeatable, predictable, dependable quality control with no-fault forward technology
  • Enhanced operator performance and risk mitigation in sequential assembly operations
  • Reduced rework and reduced risk of operator injury
Warehouse in the background with a computer equipped with automation software
Warehouse Order Picking Software Solutions
  • Control order flow and order movement across all pick zones
  • Pick direction and guidance for automated, semi-automated, and manual picking
  • Post pick data and order complete verification provided back to host system
  • Intuitive pack station software for intelligent order verification and pack-out

Always There When You Need Us

Taking pride in each system deployed

SI Systems technology has been designed to stand the test of time. With active automation systems in place running for decades and a client list that spans some of the top Fortune 500, we at SI take pride in each system we deploy. Should you ever have an issue, SI System’s Service and Support team is here to ensure your warehouse systems remain operational and in prime condition. Providing one of the most extensive service and support programs in the industry with available 24/7 support, you can rely on our experts to keep your systems running at peak performance.

Person typing on a computer with icons showing 24/7 virtual support by chat, call, or email

SI Systems Is Proud of Our Strong Customer Relationships