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Slotting Analysis Services Program

Optimize Order Picking Efficiency

SI Systems’ Slotting Analysis Services can significantly improve order picking and order fulfillment throughput and efficiency by recommending the optimum placement of your inventory (SKUs) in any order picking system.

The day you design and implement your order picking system is the same day its efficiencies degrade. Every hour, day, week and month that goes by means your system is not performing up to its capabilities. Whether your system is manual, automated or semi-automated, a tune-up via a slotting survey can bring you back to top performance.
SI Systems Slotting Analysis Services Can Provide:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced labor
  • Space savings
  • Inventory reduction
  • Eliminate or reduce cycle counting
  • Improve customer satisfaction & retention
  • Enhance profitability

SI’s Slotting Analysis Services program gathers data about each SKU’s physical, velocity and movement and evaluates them against all picking cells, slots and zones to determine proper slotting placement. Analysis of this data recommends specific product moves within the order picking system, and identifies the benefits related to each of those moves. High levels of increased system efficiency can often be obtained by implementing even a small percent of the re-slotting recommendations.
SI Systems Slotting Analysis Services Are Available:

  • A one-time slotting analysis
  • A monthly, quarterly or annual timed slotting analysis
  • On location coaching
  • Actual implementation during off shifts
  • Other customized options available