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Accurate High Speed Warehouse Document Inserter

Warehouse Document Inserter Automatically Places Documents into Passing Totes

warehouse document inserter
warehouse document inserter


Accurate High Speed Warehouse Document Inserter can insert an 8.7” long x 5.7” wide document (folder) into a speeding shipping container that is 9.2” long x 6.2” wide x 7.3” high. Seeing is believing.

YES… at 1500 inserts per hour! (operating at half speed).

This means the Doc-U-spense warehouse document inserter system requires tremendous timing and accuracy. To accomplish this… seeing is believing ,click on the video:

We needed to hit 1,400 insertions per hour and we easily hit 1,500 per hour with just the one insertion head. Likewise, we will use all four document insertion heads on the frame and insert up to 6,000 total documents per hour using just one frame. An entire system of four frames each with four document inserter heads can do 24,000 documents in just one hour when using shippers only marginally larger than the documents being inserted in them.

In reality if the document wasn’t such a tight fit to insert into the shipping box, The Doc-U-spense warehouse document inserter could have actually gone two and three times faster.

Also a key distinction is that the Doc-U-spense system dispensed the required document into each order. Every passing order can require a different mix of documents and the system fills each order’s requirement up to 3,600 orders per hour.

A standard Doc-U-spense warehouse document inserter unit with proper tote or shipper size will insert documents up to: 3,600 pieces per hour per insertion head, up to 14,400 documents per frame and 57,600 documents per system. The labor savings is so dramatic that the return on investment for the Doc-U-spense system is often measure in weeks.

For example, one frame with four document inserter heads can be leased for $904 per month.

Each head on the frame operates faster than a human operator. So one frame operates up to four times faster than a person in just one shift, this is not including sick, holiday and sluggish days. Furthermore, the Doc-U-spense system can be used for three shifts multiplying its effectiveness and Return on Investment.

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