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T-Sort Robot Piece Picking and Parcel Sortation System

New t-Sort Robot Piece Picking and Parcel Sortation System Is Introduced by Tompkins Robotics & SI Systems

Tompkins Robotics Event page
Tompkins Robotics Event page

The autonomous t-Sort robot moves via the shortest path between induction and any number of open orders or destinations. The t-Sort Robot operates like a tilt tray or crossbelt sorter minus track/conveyor path and can be integrated with Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame system for high speed product induction.

Tompkins Robotics and SI Systems have partnered to introduce this  revolutionary new item piece picking and parcel sortation system.

Induction is done using Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame dispensing systems and Right Hand Robotics’ smart gripping robot capable of handling thousands of different shaped items. Items are dispensed and placed on the top of each t-Sort robot and the t-Sort Robot automatically speeds to its destination, tilts the product into the order tote and then returns for more products.

This flexible modular system is capable of being rapidly scaled to meet varying demands in both small and large operations without any interruptions or downtime. Robots can be added to the system in seconds.

Cost Effective and Flexible System

A unique feature is the system is purchased on a seasonal or annual basis deferring the capital investment and fully utilizing the asset at all times, unlike a traditional sorter that one buys for their long-term growth plan. A typical installation takes only three to four months to go-live.

The Robot system provides redundancy to mitigate risk. The entire system has zero single points of failure. All elements are plug and play, and there is system redundancy including software, servers, and power.

The standard t-Sort Robot system operates on two levels and allows sortation of a wide variety of goods. Individual items range from extremely small cosmetics to gallon containers of liquids. The t-Sort Robot system is ideally suited to handle apparel and footwear, general merchandise, single items and innerpacks.

Parcels sorted include bags, boxes, and mailers. Overall the system handles items up to a 30 x 36 inch footprint. The t-Sort Robot easily transport cylindrical and other difficult items through unique tray designs.

Each Mobile-Matic unit can have up to 16 SKU positions. Multiple units can be daisy chained to increase the system’s capacity. The Mobile-Matic portable A-Frames require zero picking labor and has multiple sensors to assure the proper item has been picked and onto the correct t-Sort robot.

Tompkins Emerging Technology Center Live Demonstration Featuring t-Sort Robot

February 21 and 22, the newly innovated and updated Tompkins Emerging Technology Center (ETC) will be hosting discussion sessions and live demonstrations featuring the latest Robotic piece picking and parcel sortation system. Visit the Tompkins Robotics Event page for details.

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