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Modex 2018 - Robotic Mobile-MaticĀ® A-Frame

SI Systems had a great turnout for Modex 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

SI Systems featured our Robotic Mobile-Matic® portable A-Frame
Modex 2018

Robotic Mobile-Matic® portable A-Frame

SI Systems featured our Robotic Mobile-Matic® portable A-Frame at Modex 2018.  As we demonstrated the machines capabilities, we got a lot of great feedback from attendees and have since dubbed this machine “The fastest picker in the UNIVERSE!”  The Robotic Mobile-Matic® can pick up to 2,000 orders an hour.  Can you imagine how that will increase your productivity?

Our team met many people at Modex from a wide range of industries.  We connected with food production companies to candle companies to an ammunition supplier for the military, and many in between, we have a solution to move all of these products.  It was a super productive week for us and we look forward to making life easier for a lot of companies.

At the end of the week, we had student day.  Our CEO, Sham Gad and Randy Randolph, our Sales VP spoke with college students about the supply chain management industry and it’s huge future growth potential.  Brick and mortar stores are being replaced by the new normal of online sales.  As this trend continues, the industry will need the next working generation of graduates to fill the gaps in the exponentially growing supply chain industry. 

On the last day of our Modex show Danny Gonzales of INDUSTRIALsage came by to interview our 
Diana Maglio of SI Systemsnew Director of HR and Marketing, Diana Maglio.  She showed him how our Robotic Mobile-Matic® earned the title “Fastest Picker in the UNIVERSE!”  Danny was impressed our Robotic Mobile-Matic® at the Modex show and came up with another terrific tagline, “It’s like a vending machine on steroids!”  Check out the video below and see why everyone who sees the Robotic Mobile-Matic® in action reacts with awe at it’s incredible speed!
If you would like to see a video of your products being picked by the “The fastest picker in the Universe” send us an email or give us a call at 800-523-9464.

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