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A-Frame Order Fulfillment Myths-Misconceptions Debunked

A-Frame systems have been used in high speed order fulfillment applications for over 25 years.

A-Frame Order Fulfillment
A-Frame Order Fulfillment

The realities, myths, and misconceptions of the product is huge. The following mini-articles are designed to debunk common A-Frame myths and highlight the truths of these incredibly efficient systems.

Many of the myths-misconceptions stem from a specific customer application or manufacturer’s limited product capabilities.


  1. A-Frame Replenishment Lights Improve Efficiency (FALSE)
    In our findings, low-level inventory lights (or replenishment lights) allow the operator to be lazy. In typical operations, replenishment operators keep the channels and inventory as full as possible. By implementing replenishment lights, it signals the operator to only replenish once a channel has depleted its inventory below a set threshold.

  2. Changing A-Frame Inventory Is Time Consuming and Difficult (FALSE)
    Replenishment rates for the average replenishment operator run between 1,000 and 3,000 pieces per hours. Compare this to the average pick rate of ~300 pieces per hour and the efficiency is clear. Additionally, replenishment rates can be improved by providing replenishment-assisting packaging or product sleeves to rapidly fill product.

  3. A-Frame Order Re-Circulation is Impossible (FALSE)
    As us how we support existing customers and their order recirculation  needs today.

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