Published by: Ed Romaine

A-Frames Provide Super Solutions for Super a SKUs

A-Frame High Speed Order Fulfillment Systems Offer Cost Effective Solutions For Super A SKUs

super A SKUs
Super A SKUs

Understanding how different classes of inventory move through the order picking/order fulfillment process is critical to designing a system that is accurate and efficient while still meeting business plan objectives.

The various classes or strata of inventory are usually designated A, B, and C, generally signifying the fast, medium and slow movers. Those Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) classified as A, or fast, movers most often conform to Pareto’s 80/20 rule that 20% of the items account for 80% of the orders.

There is a sub-order of A class SKUs, we’ll call them Super A SKUs, that almost literally fly off the shelves and out of storage. These Super A SKUs might represent a small percentage of your total inventory, but because they consume a large percentage of labor resources, they represent a significant challenge to efficient order fulfillment.

What is the most efficient and economical way of handling these Super A SKUs? First, it is necessary to fully understand the anatomy of these SKUs.

Super A SKUs have three characteristics in common: high velocity, size and quantity.

  • High Velocity. What constitutes a fast moving SKU varies, but Super A SKUs usually fall into the range of a few thousand picks per day consuming from one third to two thirds of picking labor resources.

  • Size. There is a certain size and weight range as well. Items that are smaller than 8” x 8” x 3” and weigh under a pound can provide issues when being picked by manual or automated systems.

  • Quantity. As few as nine SKUs, or as many as hundreds can make up the Super A inventory sub-group and consume a disproportionate amount of a facility’s resources.

Velocity, size and quantity of SKUs combine to create a unique order picking challenge. Few material handling solutions offer the speed, accuracy, flexibility, scale, and cost effectiveness to handle these hot movers.

Both the A-Frame and mobile A-Frame, are designed to solve these problems. They both are easily integrated into virtually all facilities. They control the Super A’s and turn them into “completed orders” with a fraction of the resources other order picking technologies require for these unique fast moving SKUs.

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