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Towline Conveyors are not Equal...

Conveyor Solutions… Towline Conveyors Are NOT Equal. Frequently Asked Questions
Part 1

Towline conveyors are NOT equal
Towline conveyors are NOT equal

SI Systems is routinely asked to review towline conveyor applications and make suggestions and recommendations to attain optimum performance and best value in order to achieve te best conveyor solutions.  As the market leader for towline-based conveyance, we are happy to provide this service since SI Systems has been implementing and supporting towline systems since 1956.

Here is our first installment of common FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) topics which can help guide organizations to implementing the correct conveyor solutions.

1- How long will a SI Systems towline run?

SI’s robust hardware design allows our systems to run trouble-free for many years.  Our durable designs and quality components help assure reliability and minimal cost of ownership.   SI’s Lo-Tow towline conveyor systems are engineered for round the clock mission critical operations.  SI has installed systems that have been in service for 40+ years and still running.

2- Aren’t all towline chains the same?

The simple answer is “No.”  SI’s proprietary towline chains are designed for the specific purpose of towing carts in assembly, production and warehouse applications.  Competing chains are typically commercially available industrial chains. These chains are designed for a myriad of applications and industries and are repurposed for towline conveyor use. SI’s chains are engineered with hardened wear surfaces and design features that promote longevity, up-time, and jam resistance. Most importantly, SI’s chains are designed for only one application, high performance towline conveyor.

3- What about towline conveyor track wearbars?

SI’s towline track is built with wearbars that absorb the highest level of wear, which is the contact points with the chain and towpins.  These wearbars are made of hardened steel to promote extended use.  Since the wearbars are renewable, the track can be rebuilt in place without disturbing the concrete floor.  Last, since the track is designed to be low profile, it can be installed in trenches that are less than 6 inches deep.

As the industry leader in towline conveyor technology, SI Systems manufacturers multiple chain, track and drive options to optimize every organization’s exact application needs and requirements.

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