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High Speed Induction System for Robots, Sorters, and more

High Speed Induction and Versatile

High Speed Induction and Versatile
High Speed Induction and Versatile

The High Speed Induction Mobile-Matic robotic portable A-Frame system eliminates induction labor while providing high levels of throughput, accuracy, flexibility, scalability and affordability.  This High Speed Induction Mobile-Matic system is ideal for:

  • T-Sort
  • Robotic Arms
  • Sorters
  • Conveyor
  • Workstations

Mobile-Matic Simple Operation

Inventory is stacked in the Mobile-Matic unit’s channels. One SKU per channel. Each channel’s dispenser can output up to five items per second. Each channel dispenses the proper item and quantity into the passing induction position.

High Speed Induction System Configuration

Each High Speed Induction Mobile-Matic unit has up to 16 dispensers. Units can be daisy chained in pods of four. Multiple pods of four can be integrated to work as one system.

Change SKUs quickly and easily by readjusting a channel’s size in just a few minutes. Add, subtract or move Mobile-Matic units as your system requirements change and evolve. Modular design and implementation makes this very simple.

The Mobile-Matic units are delivered pre-constructed. Roll them out of the crate and plug in standard 120v power supply and plug into your network communications system. Simple flat file, socket or your custom communications requirements are easily accommodated.

Accuracy Is Paramount

The High Speed Induction Mobile-Matic system and every channel has sensors to assure items are ready to be dispensed, have been dispensed and verifies that the correct SKU was dispensed.

Any anomalies are flagged and reported to the host system. The host generates a new request for missing product to be inducted into the next appropriate location or position.

Labor Elimination with Throughput

The Mobile-Matic system requires ZERO picking or induction labor. System re-stocking is the only labor required and this is done in bulk. A steady re-stocking rate has historically run from 1200 to 1700 pieces per hour.

When combined with the throughput speed of 2100 orders (this means multiple lines and multiple pieces per line), it’s easy to see labor reductions ranging up to 85% and more.

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