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Pitless Drive Towline Conveyor Increases Performance-Reduces Costs

New Pitless Drive Towline Conveyor Diminishes Costs & Improves Performance

New Pitless Drive Towline Conveyor Diminishes Costs & Improves Performance
New Pitless Drive Towline Conveyor

The new Pitless drive system,  for SI Systems Lo-Tow® towline conveyor system helps reduce system investment, simplify maintenance, and speed up implementation.

The Pitless drive utilizes a steel housing that is mounted in a shallow recess rather than a pit.  The Pitless drive simply embeds into the concrete slab when the trench is poured during installation.  Also, the Pitless drive’s take-up does not require a pit either and installs in a 6” deep trench.  By not having to form pit walls, the installation of the Pitless drive and take-up system saves a considerable amount of time, labor and cost.

For decades, towline, drag chain and other similar “in-floor chain” conveyor systems required large pits to house their drive and take-up system.  Appropriately, OSHA considers pits like these to be a “Confined Space” and has developed a standard (OSHA3788 ) which can require permits, training, and other construction and maintenance complications.

Reduces Investment

With SI System’s pitless drive/take-up system, the need to design, form, pour and create a pit is eliminated.  The labor and materials associated with a pit’s civil/concrete work can often cost over $12,000 per pit.

Eliminates Confined Space Requirements

Towline pits typically satisfy OSHA’s defined criteria for a “confined space,” as follows:

  1. Large enough for a worker to enter it;
  2. Limited means of entry or exit; and
  3. Not designed for continuous occupancy.

Depending on your local building laws and OSHA representation, companies may have to schedule an on-site OSHA evaluation, get permits, create employee training procedures, provide the proper ventilation equipment, safe entry and exit documentation and training, create a ventilation system, deploy an air testing procedure, have available personal protective equipment (PPE) and more.

The Lo-Tow pitless drive system eliminates all of this concern, cost and risk associated with the OSHA regulations, allowing easy access without entering a pit.

Easy Pitless Maintenance

SI System’s pitless drive and take-up system are easily accessible by maintenance personnel.  Simply remove the cover plates and access the components from floor level.  There is no need for ladders and special OSHA equipment/procedures.

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