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Towline Cart Code Readers Brought to Life

Towline Cart Code Readers Fixed, Added, or Replaced

Towline Cart Code Readers Fixed, Added, or Replaced
Towline Cart Code Readers

Towline Cart Code Readers using legacy “code reader” technologies on their towline carts or carriers has been commonly used for decades. They allow towline systems to marry inventory to a cart, know where in the system the cart is and route it to its proper destination.

These code readers were sometimes barcodes, but most of the time proprietary hybrid codes developed by a scanner manufacturer to “work properly” in their system, but it kept competitive technologies and companies from fixing and changing the system in the future.

Towline Cart Code Readers Repaired and Rejuvenated

With many of these “code reading” organizations and towline manufacturers no longer in business or simply not supporting their old technologies, SI Systems R&R (Rejuvenation & Retrofit) team is ready to help. Whether your organization is looking to replace your existing obsolete code readers, fix or change existing logic or add new functionality to your existing towline carts, the R&R team is ready to demonstrate.

Why is fixing old code readers important? By utilizing new barcode reading technology organizations can dramatically improve their systems performance, allowing old systems to increase their levels of capacity and throughput. Likewise, new Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes maintenance simple. A one push multi-function key provides immediate access to relevant functions (likely not available on legacy systems) such as: test mode, auto learn and auto setup. Modular connection boxes, extended fieldbus and ethernet connectivity makes future modifications and increasing functionality simple and easy.

SI Systems’ R&R team can provide decades of engineering experience, off-the-shelf solutions and proprietary equipment to bring your system back to life and operating better than when it was new. Call 800-523-9464 or email SI Systems for a free consultation.