Portable Order Picking Solution for Animal Healthcare Company

Learn how SI Systems designed a modular A-frame Order Fulfillment Solution for a leading animal healthcare company with our Mobile-Matic.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/8lrVd-n5OdY


Our client, a leading animal healthcare company, partners with about 400 animal health manufacturers. They have 12 distribution centers across the US, a SKU base of about 900 products, and they serve about 26,000 vet facilities nationwide. To accommodate their fast growth, the client sought a better order-picking solution. SI Systems designed, programmed and installed an automated space-saving, portable, and modular A-frame Order Fulfillment Solution - the Mobile-Matic.

The client experienced excellent results: 1) ROI was greater than initial estimate; 2) dramatic reduction in shipping and labor costs; 3) orders processed per hour increased more than 30%; 4) accuracy of orders reached almost 100%.

Experts in Automated Order Picking Systems

The piece-picking order dispenser from SI Systems can process up to 4,200 orders per hour with just a handful of replenishers, making it the perfect order fulfillment dispenser for micro fulfillment.

We are the only US-based A-Frame provider, and we are industry-renowned for the highest quality of software support.

SI Systems is also the only provider of the pick-to-tote configuration (as opposed to pick-to-belt), which provides the fastest, more affordable picking and most efficient pick-pack-ship process.

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