Storage Robots Will be a Part of the New Multi-Floor Terminal at Billund Airport

May 28, 2019

Billund Airport is experiencing a strong increase in the number of passengers it services in a year.   In response, the airport is expanding the terminal with new, duty-free shopping, in collaboration with storage robots.

2018 was another record year for travel, where Billund Airport published a growth of 3.9% in passenger numbers; their numbers rose to 3.5 million people. In response, they are focusing on capacity and are expanding with a 6,650 square meter multi-level facility at the passenger terminal. The extra building is a prerequisite for the airport to continue to grow.

Storage robots will result in a compact warehouse

This 4 floor facility will have direct access to the current terminal, containing Billund Airport’s duty-free shop. Storage robots from EffiMat® Storage Technology AS/RS will serve as both storage and fast picking for a large variety of products in duty-free shops. The EffiMat® AS/RS system can also be defined as a “vertical lift module” and is 4-5 times faster than the traditional lifts on the market.

A clever utilization of space is possible because the storage robots operate vertically and utilize the height of the warehouse. An EffiMat® will reduce wasted space, the picking speed will be improved, and the employees will be provided with good, ergonomic working conditions.

Efficiency improvement of work processes and a high level of precision   

Previously, the warehouse was located in the old terminal. Valuable time was wasted on internal transport. The new multi-floor configuration enables the warehouse and duty–free to be in the same place and available on the ground-floor for storage and on the second floor for picking. By using EffiMat® to handle storage and picking, Billund Airport will experience significant advantages that will improve the efficiency of work processes and secures a fast and precise delivery system to the duty–free shop.

Goods will be delivered directly to the storage robots and the warehouse. The employees in duty–free on the second floor can pick directly from the storage robots. An interface between the ERP-system of the airport and the EffiMat® registers real-time transactions when an item has been bought in the shop and the EffiMat®  picks the item and delivers it to be refilled in the duty–free shop. This integration ensures that the item is always ready and available for a fast and correct delivery.  

By integrating the storage robot as part of the work processes in the multi-level building, Billund Airport is securing an ideal use of their space, along with efficient work processes.  The airport will be well equipped for continued growth for the coming years.

The new buildings are expected to be done by October 2019.

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