Our Automation Solutions

For over 60 years, SI Systems continues to provide the best in class, long lasting material handling and assembly automation solutions for our clients.

Our customers in order fulfillment utilize our technology to improve their through put and maximize their human capital investment with our robotic order fulfillment. With pick accuracy up to 99.9% and throughput rates of up to 3,600 orders per hour, we provide our clients with the fastest robotic picking available on today’s market. This flexible system is easily extendable and allows for consistent, accurate picking regardless of order volume.

Our towline conveyance systems are a trusted assembly line automation solution for global, Tier 1 manufacturers. Improving throughput and overall efficiency in sequential assembly operations, our towline also enhances operator performance while reducing risk of injury. The end result is predictable throughput rates, dependable quality, and overall risk mitigation. With systems in place for over 20 years and towing capacity up to 55 tons, SI Systems towline is second to none.

Our solutions are utilized by world recognized brands that span the Fortune 500 and today’s fastest growing e-commerce businesses. Please select the automation solution that best fits your business model to continue learning more.