SI Systems’ Industry Associations

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Industry Associations SI Systems Participate and Support

Material Handling Industry (MHI)

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Material Handling Industry (MHI) is the nation’s largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association. MHI offers education, networking and solution sourcing for members, their customers and the industry as a whole through programming and events.

  • 800 members including: material handling and logistics equipment companies, systems and software manufacturers, consultants, systems integrators and simulators and third-party logistics providers and publishers.
  • 19 MHI Industry Groups represent the leading providers in several key equipment and system solution categories
    Sponsor of the industry-leading ProMat and MODEX events
  • MHI provides educational, business development, networking and solution sourcing opportunities

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Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA)

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The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is the only trade association dedicated solely to improving the proficiency of the independent material handling equipment distributor. MHEDA offers a direct connection to the industry’s hottest trends, newest products, best management training workshops and represents a wealth of resources for all material handling businesses.

Integrated Systems & Controls (ISC)

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Integrated Systems & Controls members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of integrated material handling and controls systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

ISC members meet regularly to review, discuss and revise the standards for design, performance and proper operation of integrated material handling and controls systems.

ISC member companies are concerned, conscientious manufacturers affiliated in an industry association to provide voluntary standards for the mechanical, structural and electrical design of integrated material handling and controls systems, and to formulate guidelines for the proper use, operation and maintenance of those systems.

Order Fulfillment Solutions (OFS)

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The Order Fulfillment Solutions industry group is dedicated to developing properly applied order fulfillment solutions. OFS’s members achieve this mission through Education and Membership Development.

  • OFS develops and delivers educational and training resources for end users, educational institutions, allied organizations and its own members to properly understand and apply order fulfillment solutions.
  • OFS defines the terminology that applies to order fulfillment.
  • OFS promotes career opportunities within the industry.