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Pick-to-Light Kitting

Pick-to-Light Kitting Video

The Pick-to-Light Kitting Video, introduced by SI Systems, illustrates  how the AccuPic Pick-to-Light Kitting system provides high throughput and accuracy for kitting picking applications. The system is totally scalable and flexible to be easily modified for todays and tomorrow’s changing business requirements.

Pick-to-Light Kitting Video – The System

The AccuPic system is comprised of gravity flow rack holding inventory. The Pick-to-Light Kitting video shows how each lane or pick face contains one SKU or type of inventory. Each SKU is picked from the totes, cases or boxes from the front of the flow rack. The gravity conveyor within the flow rack allows the pickers to complete or exhaust a tote or case and pull it from the system and the next tote or case moves into position for instant picking. For replenishment, another operator from the rear of the gravity flow rack places new inventory into the proper lane to buffer and queue SKUs for picking.

Every active lane has a pick-to-light display. There are a myriad of displays that can be used based on your exact application’s requirements and budget. From simple “gumball” lights which merely turn on and off, to alphanumeric displays which shows the quantity to pick and allows information to be modified, added or deleted as needed from the display. The type of display used is solely based on every customer’s exact requirement and budget.

Pick-to-Light Kitting Video – The Operation

The Pick-to-Light Kitting Video shows how a kit is downloaded from the host software system. This is often an ERP, MES or WMS system. A tote, container or box is readied for the first pick. The operator downloads the kits work order and required contents. The kits contents, labels, manifest or other information is printed at the workstation and placed in the tote or container.

The first and closest SKU positon’s pick light activates. The light tells the operator which bin to pick from and the quantity to pick. The software knows the logical and most productive sequence to route the picker.

The operator goes to the first active pick light. They pick and place the correct quantity indicated in the correct location in the kits tote, and then extinguish the active pick light by pushing the task complete button. The software instantly acknowledges the completed task and activates the next closest SKU pick light.

Once again the operator repeats the process of going to the active pick light, picking and placing the correct item and quantity properly in their kit’s tote. The process is repeated until the operator has made one trip around the pick-to-light system.

Depending on the type of kit and inventory, value added processes such as bagging, applying labels, weighing, inspecting and serial or lot barcode scanning can take place at each SKU pick location. The software will not only direct these activities, but also record these operations as needed.

Once the round robin picking has been completed, the operator discharges the kitted tote to its next location via cart or conveyor depending on the systems size and throughput. Once the kit has been used or stored, the empty tote or container is returned to the pick-to-light workstation to be used again.

AccuPic Pick-to-Light Kitting Benefits

The Accupic Pick-to-Light Kitting System Benefits Include:

  • Improves manufacturing accuracy to 99.9%
  • Increases throughput by up to 2/3
  • Improves inventory turns
  • Reduces shrinkage and loss
  • Keeps production working smoothly
  • Eliminates labor searching and looking for missing parts and pieces

AccuPic Pick-to-Light Kitting System Features

The AccuPic pick-to-light system features include:

  • A large selection of light modules
  • Ability to expand, contract and move economically
  • Integrates into host software systems
  • Accommodates fast moving inventory
  • Handles a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weight inventory


For more information on how SI Systems AccuPic pick-to-light kitting system can help your organization, please call 610-252-7321 or email us at info@sihs for a free consultation.