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Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame at CVS Pharmacy

SI Systems installed their Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame at CVS.  A-Frame order processing beings with stacks of reusable totes that are placed on the conveyor upstream of a de-stacker. The de-stacker separates and cingulate totes unto an in-feed conveyor which moves them to a big lifter device that raises the lids for labeling.

Meanwhile, the Dispen-SI-matic control system releases and processes orders through the A-frame. Before an order is transferred to a tote, the DCS prints a label for the store order which is automatically applied to the top of the lid, and scanned just prior to the tote fill station to verify the order.

This Dispen-SI-matic is all traveling dispenser. One dispenser covers the length of a frame, picking from all the channels in the frame face. Items for a tote are dispensed unto the collecting belt. A target space on the belt is assigned for each order. Ass this section of the belt passes appropriate channels, the dispenser ejects the required number of pieces unto the belt.

At the fill station, the products are deposited into the tote and the tote is quickly indexed out of the station as a new one takes its place. Completed totes travel through a lid closing device, and then to an automatic strapping machine. From there, toes are conveyed to the shipping area and sorted to the trucks.