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Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame at Maybelline

Recently installed was  an automated order assembly system, the Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame at Maybelline,  manufactured by SI Handling in Eastern Pennsylvania. This system significantly improves the throughput, accuracy and turnaround time of customer orders. Each product is dispensed by a small electric motor unto a gathering belt that runs through the center of the machine. Each product dispenser can eject from 2 to 6 items per second.

When the segment of gathering belt to which an order is assigned reaches the end of the machine, the selected products are deposited into a waiting tote.

Maybelline chose to use SI Systems Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame automated order fulfillment system and integrated SI’s patented Pick-to-Belt configuration as an a cost effective, efficient solution to their warehousing needs.

Dispen-SI-matic provides automated functions for accepting order information from a host of computer entry devices. A single Dispen-SI-matic storage module utilizes an A-shape frame to provide the support for adjustable storage lanes: the order collection module and the picking module.

32 storage lanes can be mounted to each side of the A frame, for a total of 64 lanes per frame. SI’s traveling machine is available in both single and double tier versions. The double tiered version is capable of storing up to 200 lanes of product per module. A picking module also referred to as a ‘dispenser’ is provided for each storage lane location. The product selection is made by this dispenser.

Our A frame selector utilizes two types of dispensers. The first is fixed frame and dispenses the product from one lane. It is used to pick fast-moving products. The second type is the traveling frame dispenser – it is the very latest in automated picking technology. It can travel across as many as 50 lanes and with the top and bottom sections, can dispense up to 100 products. This very latest technology allows slow and medium moving products to be dispensed faster and more accurately.