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Dispen-SI-matic High Speed Order Fulfillment System – A-Frame

The Dispen-SI-matic High Speed Order Fulfillment System and order picking system from SI Systems provides can process up to 4,200 orders per hour with zero warehouse picking labor.

The Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame is modular and can contain hundreds and even thousands of active SKUs. Thousands of orders per hour can be fulfilled directly to a conveyor belt, tote or shipping container.

Order profiles ranging from store orders (hundreds of SKUs) to retail (3.2 lines per order) to omnichannel and e-commerce orders (1.3 lines per order) can all be handled automatically with the Dispen-SI-matic High Speed Order Fulfillment System.

Unique Dispen-SI-matic High Speed Order Fulfillment System

Unlike other automated material handling systems, the Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame system isn’t measured in lines per hour. The system is measured by orders per hour. The lines and quantity is almost irrelevant due to the speed of the system.

The Dispen-SI-matic dispensing A-Frame system is perfect for ecommerce, store, retail and wholesale orders. Industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, grocery, electronics and others have taken advantage of this high throughput automated system. Return on Investment (ROI) on the Dispen-SI-matic is fast and measured in months rather than years like other automated material handling systems.

A-Frame Operation: This order fulfillment system stores inventory in channels positioned on the left and the right with a conveyor running in the center. As an order requires fulfillment, inventory is dispensed from the channels onto a belt, tote or shipping container.

For smaller applications or portability please look at SI Systems’ Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame system.

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