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Lo-Tow SideFinger Towline Conveyor System

Lo-Tow SideFinger Towline Conveyor System provides reliable, cost effective and durable conveyance for assembly manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers.

This video focuses on Lo-Tow SideFinger Towline Conveyor System often used in manufacturing assembly systems. The SideFinger model is unique among conveyor systems because it is designed with a Track-Gap protection to provide years of Jam-Free operation.

The track comes with a chain guard to keep contaminants such as fasteners, screws, wood and every other type of material used in a production line from engaging with the chain. All contaminants are contained in the isolation channel away from the chain. The active tow pins self-level contaminants in the isolation channel to remain harmlessly there until a scheduled maintenance clean out.

A wide range of carts new or existing can be used with the Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor System ranging from pallet jacks to ergonomically designed lift platforms and everything in between.

Lo-Tow SideFinger Towline Conveyor System is NFF (No Fault Forward) compliant. Passing incomplete or incorrect work from one workstation to the next translates to poor manufacturing performance. Quality, productivity and even material levels are negatively effected. The Lo-Tow SideFinger Towline Conveyor System controls scheme allows total MES integration to assure every workstation has fully completed their tasks properly before forwarding it onto the next workstation. By assuring every workstation and operator performs their tasks perfectly, the integrity and performance of the entire production line benefits with increased performance levels.

Likewise, other Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor System models are available for warehouse and distribution centers, post office and government applications.