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Lo-Tow In Floor Towline Conveyor at Harley Davidson

SI Systems installed their Lo-Tow In Floor Towline Conveyor at Harley Davidson.  Often times referred to as a “towveyor” or a “drag chain system”, the Lo-Tow has a variety of options to meet the numerous needs of your facility. Carriers, providing four-sided access to materials, may be equipped with RF identification and can range from simple wheeled carts to mobile ergonomic workstations with lift, lower and rotate capabilities. Accumulation is available for non-synchronous operations and switching and merging components allow carriers to divert into spurs or move efficiently from one loop to another. Control systems can vary between simple relay logic to sophisticated PLC or PC controls.

For years, Lo-tow towline systems have been incorporated into vehicle manufacturing operations. At Harley Davidson’s new motorcycle assembly plant in Kansas City, Missouri, SI designed and installed a unique Lo-tow towline system for the assembly of their XL models.

Specially designed Lo-tow towline carts, complete with battery-powered lifts and rotating turntables provide an efficient and ergonomically friendly approach to the assembly process. Assembly operations are performed at 20 workstations, organized into dedicate 12 foot-long zones. The process begins with the motorcycle frame being latched onto the top of the cart platform.

Carts move at a variable, but slow speed through the assembly process as parts are added. Complete units travel on a faster-moving, secondary towline conveyor to the unload station. Here, motorcycles are removed from the cart fixture and the empty towline cars proceed to an accumulation buffer as they restart the assembly line.

This SI Handling solution has increased efficiency and quality for Harley Davidson.