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Mobile-Matic  High Speed Order Picking System

Maximize throughput, increase efficiency with the patented Mobile-Matic High Speed Order Picking System. Regardless of the size of your operation, the Mobile-Matic is easily integrated into your current distribution system with minimal planning or modifications. Simply stack product into the channels, roll the unit up to your conveyor and plug it in. Connected to your network, the Mobile-Matic automatically ejects items into the correct containers or directly onto the belt.

Mobile-Matic High Speed Order Picking System Excellent For Seasonal Or Promotional Volume Bursts

The Mobile-Matic High Speed Order Picking System is ideal for SKUs that experience high rates, seasonal or promotional spikes in demand. Put it to work dispensing and picking your fastest moving products, relieving pressure from your manual picking operations and eliminating the need to re-slot additional lanes of SKUs to accommodate increased demand.