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Portable Order Picking Dispenser Exhibited

SI Systems’ new portable order picking dispenser system picks 2000 items per hour. SI System’s new Mobile-Matic portable, small item high speed order fulfillment system now easily integrates with all major conveyor manufacturers for fast and flexible integration!

The Mobile-Matic portable order picking dispenser system provides a small footprint with high throughput performance for small items order picking and distribution requirements, picking up to 2000 pieces per hour. Units starting at 16 SKU positions. Availability for rapid deployment. The Mobile-Matic A frame is a simple out-of-the-box solution that works with any conveyor. Controls are included and not special cabling is required. Simply unpack it, roll it up to your conveyor, connect power and network cabling.

The Mobile-Matic order picking dispenser system is ideal for: easing peak capacities, reducing force-base requirements, increasing accuracy levels to 99.9% plus picking one and two line order requirements.

The patented Mobile-Matic is ideal for SKUs that experience seasonal or promotional spikes in demand. Put it to work dispensing your fastest moving product, relieving most of the pressure from your manual picking operations and eliminating the need to re-slot additional lanes of SKUs to accommodate increased demand.