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AccuPic Pick-to-Light System Introduced by SI Systems

SI Systems AccuPic Pick-to-Light System improves order picking throughput, operator productivity, and picking accuracy in a variety of high-speed order fulfillment applications.

  • Increases throughput and productivity by up to 40%
  • Material flow
  • Increases accuracy to 99%+ levels
  • Used for order picking, consolidation and putting applications
  • Full range of displays, lights and indicators available to meet every application’s requirements

The AccuPic PTL improves order fulfillment efficiency with features such as zoneless order picking and snap-in BUS design, therefore AccuPic Pick-to-Light System greatly increases order fulfillment efficiency.

Zoneless picking allows operators to pick any order from any zone for optimum operator productivity. Using zoneless picking eliminates bottlenecks and the need for complicated zone balancing or extensive order profiling.

Snap-in BUS design makes AccuPic PTL easy to install, maintain and reconfigure. Pick modules are simply snapped into the BUS adjacent to pick locations. The BUS provides power and data communications to each of the pick modules, eliminating the need for individual module wiring. In addition, each pick module is assigned a unique serial number so there is no need to set dip switches on every module.

The AccuPic Pick-to-Light System is available in two configurations—light based and display based. The AccuPic system can also be used as a Put-to-Light system. Orders are batch picked and delivered to sort stations that use a 4-digit display Put Module with each location representing an order.