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SI Systems Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor

SI Handling Systems of Eastern Pennsylvania first entered the material handling business in 1958. Since that beginning, SI has led the industry in providing cost-effective material handling solutions for their customers. SI’s system approach to the solutions of customer’s problems has kept them in constant motion throughout this country and around the world.

In 1963, SI developed Lo-Tow, a low-profile, sliding chain tow line as an economical solution for conveying products in manufacturing and distribution environments. This conveyor system uses a recessed in-floor track, which is powered by a chain loop. Various types of four wheeled carts are pulled along by the tow line to their destinations, automatically switching from one tow line to another along the way.

In many systems, a computer tracks each cart and activates switches and diverters to move the cart in the most efficient manner to its destination. As SI has developed solutions to meet the needs of today’s customers, Towline has a remained a constant and dependable material transport system.

SI has an installed base of over 1200 systems worldwide. Many are computer-controlled, with the capability of interfacing with other material handling equipment, making Towline intelligent and flexible.