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Warehouse Document Inserter Doc-U-spense System

Warehouse Document Inserter Doc-U-spense system allows distribution centers and warehouses to insert a myriad of documents into open orders without the costly labor.

The Doc-U-spense document inserter system provides a cost effective means of intelligently inserting up to 16 documents per system quickly and easily while providing a fast return on investment.

Literature, instructions, return information, pamphlets, labels, documentation… virtually any type of document can be dispensed using the Warehouse Document Inserter Doc-U-spense system. Each wheeled frame comes with up to four inserters and an additional three frames can be daisy chained to provide up to 16 documents with very little effort. The units come pre-assembled and can be wheeled up to existing conveyor systems.

This system provides a rapid return on investment (ROI) because of its low acquisition cost, roll up to conveyor and only one set of controls to install controls up to 16 document inserters.

A frame of four inserters can be leased for as little as $905 per month based on a five year lease and $1 buy out. The labor savings alone cost justifies the Warehouse Document Inserter Doc-U-spense often under 18 months.