Value Statement

RELIABLE - 60 years of automation all over the world, including many Fortune 500 companies.

TRUSTED - We continue to serve many customers decades later. 

RESPONSIVE - Our customers are our partners. We are there for them 24/7.  

PROVEN - Our products and systems continue to operate decades later. 

EFFECTIVE - Our solutions generate consistent long-term ROI as a result of our drive to deliver unbeatable investment costs.

FOCUSED - We know our spacing better than anyone and focus on what we do better than our competitors.

Mission Statement

  • To provide our customers we serve with total satisfaction during all stages of every project by providing the most innovative material handling solutions that provide the best systems’ performance, quality, and service.

  • To meet all challenges offered by the clients we serve by adding new and improved systems solutions and services needed by our customers.

  • To maintain the highest standards of business ethics and principles in our daily associations with each other and our customers.

  • To conduct our business in a fair, transparent, though competitive manner in order to guarantee our customers the highest value, industry best ROI, and most advanced systems possible.

  • To do our very best to maintain and preserve the highest manufacturing and engineering standards, while providing a profit or reasonable return on investment, thereby securing the jobs of our people who have strongly committed themselves to our organization.