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An AGV is an unmanned electric vehicle that is controlled by pre-programmed software to move materials around a facility. AGVs rely on guidance devices such as magnetic tape, beacons, barcodes or predefined laser paths that allow the AGV to travel on fixed paths in a controlled space. Lasers and sensors detect obstacles in its path and trigger the vehicle to stop automatically

The SIMON™ Automated Guided Vehicles AGV is fully programmable, configurable and can be reconfigured easily. It can perform tasks to and from transport locations or rotate up to 360°.

SIMON™ Automated Guided Vehicles AGV is a cost effective solution for repetitive movement and regular delivery applications in manufacturing, assembly, distribution and warehousing operations, and is an alternative to package and pallet conveyors, power and free, monorail, or lift trucks.

SIMON™ can move tall stacks of inventory around fulfillment centers – having the SIMON™ drive the inventory directly to fulfillment center associates for them to retrieve ordered products saves significant time in the fulfillment process. Working in a technology-rich environment alongside AGV robots, also enables associates to be able to focus on more challenging tasks.


• Battery operated

• Compact design

• Optical guidance system

• 360° rotation

• Can work solo or in a fleet

• Point-to-point or route driven

• Customizable


• Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

• Cost effective alternative to lift trucks and pallet conveyors

• Easy programming and re-programming

• Route can be modified to meet changing needs

• Improves operational throughput and productivity

• Reduces labor requirements

• Can move a wide range of loads

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