Career and Employment Opportunities

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Career and Employment Opportunities

SI Systems, a subsidiary of Paragon Technologies, Inc., has a rich tradition of creating Career and Employment Opportunities as well as been a key player in the material handling industry for more than half a century.

SI Systems provides software and hardware technologies, products, and services for material flow applications. Products include a range of  robotic A-Frame dispensing technologies, carousels, VLMS, bombay sorters, WES, WMS, WCS software and  Lo-Tow in-floor towline conveyor systems.

SI Systems provides  aftermarket spare parts, equipment, and support services to our wide range of customers including those in: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, optical care music, gaming, entertainment, ecommerce, omnichannel, wholesale, retail, government, and institution industries.  Below are our available Career and Employment Opportunities we are currently looking to fill: