Changing A-Frame Inventory Is Difficult and Time Consuming MYTH (FALSE)

A-frame InventoryChanging A-Frame inventory is difficult and time consuming is absolutely a myth, and  is the furthest from the truth. To change a SKU in a channel, the A-Frame operator simply empties a channel’s inventory (to make sure a wrong product isn’t dispensed into an active order). Then, they go into the unit’s SIMM software (about 3 clicks) and type or scan the new SKU number or barcode in the channel locator. Next, the operator goes back to the channel and adjusts for the new size.

Because the Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame always has a left and right channel guide for every channel, simply loosen the two screws, adjust the left-side guide and the product retainer to the new size requirement and then tighten the screws. Systems that provide only a right-side channel guide will usually require far more adjustments including moving adjacent channels. Now, load the new SKU into the channel, and the channel will become automatically active and ready for the next order to be filled.

Adjusting a channel will often take five to ten minutes depending on the difference in SKU sizes when you’re A-Frame has both left and right-side channel guides.

Likewise, the A-Frame is constantly running while you are making the change. Any order requiring the SKU before you re-stock it is flagged as “needing assistance” and is re-circulated back into the A-Frame to complete the order.

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A-frame Inventory

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