SI Systems Presented With Prestigious Great Supply Chain Partner Award


SI Systems Awarded Great Supply Chain Partner by SupplyChainBrain

SupplyChainBrain has presented the prestigious Great Supply Chain Partner Award to SI Systems, a leading supplier of order fulfilment technologies including WES, WMS and WCS software, A-Frames, carousels, conveyor, pick-to-light and other systems.  This highly coveted list is comprised of supply chain service companies who were nominated by their customers and clients for making a significant impact on supply chain efficiency, customer service and overall performance.

“The Great Supply Chain Partner Award helps pay tribute to the trust and true partnerships SI Systems has with its customers and clients that they went out of the way to nominate us for the award”, said, Ed Romaine, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Likewise, the award speaks legends about hard work and dedication SI Systems have committed themselves to our customers and clients for over the last 55 years,” he concluded.

“SI Systems is happy to help organizations optimize their labor, accuracy and performance in order to increase their profitability and competitiveness in not only their market segment, but global business community,” said, John Molloy, CEO of SI Systems. He continued, core SI Systems competencies such as A-Frame order fulfillment and warehouse software systems provide allow organizations to re-allocate or eliminate up to 80% of their labor force while improving accuracy to 99.9% levels and extending order cut-off times.”

The Great Supply Chain Partner Award is in its 13 year of existence SupplyChainBrain Publisher Brad Berger states that competition to be selected in the 100 Great Partner companies continues to grow more challenging every year.  According to Berger, “Each year, our list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners features a select group of companies whose customers are recognizing them for providing outstanding solutions and services.  This year we received nominations for literally hundreds of solutions providers in every aspect of supply chain management, as a result of our six-month on-line poll: in which supply chain professionals were asked to nominate vendors and service providers whose solutions have made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply chain performance.”  SI Systems will appear in the 2015 Award issue of SupplyChainBrain magazine as a celebrated member of this year’s 100 Great.”




For additional information, word document or high resolution images, please contact Ed Romaine at (610) 559-4043 or

SI Systems has been providing world class automated software and material handling systems to order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 50 years. Systems include WES, WMS and WCS software, dispensing A-Frames, towlines and integration services


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