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A-Frame Industries and Applications

A-Frame Industries and Applications for High Speed Order Fulfillment

SI Systems designs and implements high-speed automated order picking and dispensing systems. These flexible, expandable and configurable systems offer significant improvements in operator throughput, picking accuracy and extended order cut-off times while addressing specific industry regulatory, operations and order fulfillment requirements.  Below is just a list of our many A-Frame Industries and Applications .

Automated material handling systems and solutions that SI Systems implement include:

SI Systems encompasses every customer’s unique goals, desires and objectives and designs, develops and implements a solution that meets and exceeds expectations… every time!

A-Frame Industries and Applications – Pharmaceutical 

The Pharmaceutical industry requires extremely accurate high-speed order fulfillment systems to supply high value FDA controlled products to retail outlets as well as to an increasing mail order business.

Handling controlled products requires special inventory management tools, included in SI Systems’ SI-IWS Software such as lot number tracking throughout the fulfillment cycle beginning with the put away location and ending with order shipped. SI-IWS Software controls picking by batch number, lot, serial number, vendor and/or receipt time stamp.

Reduced inventory levels in Pharmaceutical retail outlets and increases in mail order business have driven order rate demands to higher levels with a corresponding increase in order fulfillment costs. Growth in orders and lengthening cutoff times create end of the day peak demands.

Automating the order picking process with Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame dispensing systems can extend order cutoff times and improve overall system efficiency and throughput. Mobile-Matic™ Portable High Speed A-Frame Order Picking Systems can augment Pharmaceutical order fulfillment operations by providing additional dispensing capacity to handle SKUs during seasonal or promotional increases in demand. Both systems process orders in excess of the industry’s order demand rate, providing for peak demands as well as growth.

These systems can be integrated with other automated and manual materials handling and order processing systems. In some pharmaceutical applications, SI Systems’ A-Frame dispensing systems feed labeling and packaging equipment to help streamline order fulfillment operations.

A-Frame Industries and Applications –  Health and Beauty Aids 

The health and beauty products industry requires accurate, high volume order picking of SKUs that vary greatly in shape, size and weight, from tubes and bottles to carded items.

This industry serves both retailers and a growing ecommerce business, and is experiencing an increasing demand to pick a high volume of orders made up of fewer items across large and small sets of SKUs.

Automated picking, using Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame high-speed dispensing systems maximizes and maintains order picking rates when order profiles vary by automatically slowing to pick orders requiring multiple units from a single dispenser. Mobile-Matic™ Portable High Speed A-Frame Order Picking Systems add dispensing capacity during seasonal or promotional increases in demand.

The Mobile-Matic system integrates easily with existing order picking systems. SI-IWS Software improves picking accuracy and customer service levels by verifying orders through interfaces with light and/or voice directed picking, put away and inventory validation, unit scan verifications and automated order weight validation. SI-IWS Software also provides time stamping, lot and serial number tracking for customers that have a large or small set of SKUs.

Accupic® Pick-to-Light systems offer zoneless picking to improve order fulfillment productivity and throughput while increasing picking accuracy.

The addition of A-Frame dispensing systems, inventory management and control software and pick-to-light systems has allowed some health and beauty products distributors to save space while adding product to accommodate growth. The space savings had allowed these distributors to remain in their current facilities without the need for brick and motor expansion.

A-Frame Industries and Applications – Cosmetic 

Accurate and gentle high-speed order fulfillment of high-end packaged items to retail and ecommerce customers make order fulfillment operations in the cosmetics industry a balance between throughput and accuracy. Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame high-speed dispensing systems can be set at a specific picking speed so that fragile items can be gently picked by slowing down the dispenser just prior to product contact.

The system automatically speeds up to travel to the next dispenser to maintain high volume system throughput. Mobile-Matic™ Portable High Speed A-Frame Order Picking Systems can augment order fulfillment operations with additional dispensing capacity. The flexibility of the Mobile-Matic system allows it to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and shapes.

The need to fulfill both retail and ecommerce orders presents a challenge to cosmetic distribution centers since there is a requirement to release orders in a way that levels out order picking activity, smoothing out cut off time and end of day peaks. SI-IWS Software manages the release of orders and flow of orders through the system to optimize performance.