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Lease Mobile-Matic for under $1059 per month*

Lease Mobile-Matic Portable A-FrameLease Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame high speed order picking system to boost your order picking and fulfillment productivity, throughput and accuracy.

Lease Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame start as with as few as 16 SKU positions and requires zero order picking labor. Eliminate order picking labor and order checkers because of the available 2,000 items/orders per hour performance levels.

All units come pre-assembled and truly plug and play ready. Simply roll up to the conveyor and plug in power and network cables and you can be ready to improve your operations performance.

Fast Leasing Options & Rapid Deployment

The option to Lease Mobile-Matic Portable A-Frame order picking system makes it the ideal solution to handling increased activity resulting from seasonal and promotional spikes, balancing SKU velocity, reducing labor requirements, meeting order cut-off times and facility space restrictions.

Our systems experts can help you identify how a Mobile-Matic system can improve the efficiency of your order picking operations and set up a lease program with terms that meet your financial targets as well.

The Mobile-Matic System provides a small footprint with high throughput performance for small items order picking and distribution requirements, picking up to 2000 pieces per hour. Units starting at 16 SKU positions. Availability for rapid deployment. The Mobile-Matic A frame is a simple out-of-the-box solution that works with any conveyor. Controls are included and not special cabling is required. Simply unpack it, roll it up to your conveyor, connect power and network cabling.

* is based on 60 month payments, first payment deposit and $1 buyout.