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Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Belt 1,200 Orders/Hour.. ZERO Picking Labor


The Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Belt A-Frame Order Fulfillment system is the original and classic A-Frame design created and implemented in the 1980s. The A-Frame was designed to eliminate order picking labor, increase accuracy levels and provide benchmark setting order fulfillment operations.

From its original design, SI Systems has implemented discrete order algorithm control to vary conveyor speed to meet each orders exact profile. The A-Frame is used for myriad of applications including retail store, ecommerce, omnichannel, wholesale, retail and B2B applications.

Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Belt Blends Throughput with Performance

Belt picking operations is ideal for integrating with cross belts, tilt tray and sortation systems. SKUs are dispensed automatically onto the belt in seconds. When the belt reaches the end of the belt it is automatically placed into waiting totes, containers or on cross belts, tilt trays and sortation systems via a transfer station.

The design of the transfer station is predicated on the SKUs size, quantity and velocity. Some stations are quite simple others require special capabilities and design. SI Systems has designed a wide range of transfer stations to meet exact requirements.
1,200 Orders per Hour Automated Split Case Order Picking
The Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Belt A-Frame throughput is exceptionally fast when compared  to automated storage and retrieval systems, pick-to-light and other automated technologies. However, its 1,200 orders per hour is much slower than the Pick-to-Tote and Pick-to-Shipping-Container Dispen-SI-matic models that can hit up to 4,200 and 3,200 orders per hour and don’t require a transfer station.

As in all automated material handling solutions, understanding your operations, business goals and future requirements help dictate the best solution to meet current and future needs. Contact SI Systems and we’ll be happy to analyze your data and information to give you the best solution possible.

In addition, to the Pick-to-Belt A-Frame two other models exist to meet your distribution operations requirements: Pick-to-Tote and Pick-to-Shipping-Container.