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Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Shipping 3,200 Orders/Hour ZERO Picking Labor

Pick-to-Shipping-ContainerThe Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Shipping-Container A-Frame Order Fulfillment (shipping box or shipping carton) system configuration allows inventory to be automatically dispensed or picked directly into a designated shipping container as it travels along the A-Frame conveyor.

This configuration eliminates downstream handling processes associated with consolidation, packing and shipping. This method improves throughput, reduces labor and helps extend order cutoff times. The Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Shipping-Container A-Frame software and controls system can identify and track orders through the entire warehouse all the way to shipping confirmation.

For the Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Shipping-Container A-Frame system, 3,200 orders per hour and the number of SKUs, lines and number of items in an order is virtually irrelevant!

Order accuracy, integrity and throughput are assured because every order’s unique SKU and quantity requirements are matched by adjusting the conveyor speed through the system. In this case, the speed of the conveyor automatically slows for the split-seconds required to complete a large number of items coming from a single channel. The conveyor automatically adjusts to its maximum speed to accommodate every order.

Dispen-SI-matic Pick-to-Shipping-Container A-FrameOrder Fulfillment Benefits:

  • 3,200 Orders/Boxes/Cartons per hour.
  • Requires zero picking labor.
  • Virtually error free picking helps eliminate quality control checking labor.
  • Easily integrates with standard and custom document printers and inserters.
  • Systems can be designed to route completed orders through the A-Frame and directly to automatic carton sealers and then print and apply labels, scales and shipping to eliminate virtually all labor.