Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment

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Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel Order Fulfillment Vertical Storage Retrieval Systems 

vertical lift moduleVertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment systems provide vertical storage and retrieval that maximize the use of otherwise wasted overhead. VLMs and vertical carousels can recover up to 85% of the floor space required for traditional shelving systems. Vertical storage and retrieval systems increase productivity by eliminating wasted walking, searching, bending and reaching time for improved and increased operator safety and increased system throughput.

Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment Performance

SI Systems understands order fulfillment and data analysis. We apply the best technology, processes and procedures to meet each organizations specific business and warehouse requirements. Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment systems are best applied to slow and medium moving order fulfillment applications as part of a facility and organization trying to hit “benchmark” level performances.

Bringing decades of experience, SI Systems analyzes and then integrates the best Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment and Vertical Storage and Retrieval System based on our customer’s specific requirements regardless of manufacturer, new or refurbished. SI System allows a customer’s data, return on investment and application to dictate the best VLM and vertical carousel solution.

SI Systems is the only provider of Vertical Lift Modules, Vertical Carousels and Horizontal Carousels to provide free slotting services* for every system sold monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or any pre-determined time frame in order to assure the system performs as well in the future as it does the day it goes live!

Likewise, SI System can provide advanced WES, WMS, WCS, inventory management software and pick-to-light systems integration with any vertical storage and retrieval systems to further improve operator productivity and achieve 99.99%+ accuracy levels, saving up to 2/3 of the labor of manual systems.

Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment Benefits:

  • Eliminates up to 85% of your floor space
  • Reduces labor by up to 2/3
  • Increases accuracy levels of 99.9%+
  • Improves throughput up to 300%
  • Often provides ROI of 18 months or less
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Reduces inventory requirements
  • Protects inventory from damage, shrinkage and loss
  • Extends order cutoff times
  • Enhances operator ergonomics

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays stored in the front and back of a column with an inserter/extractor device running down the center that delivers stored trays to an ergonomically positioned, adjustable work counter. Trays are automatically scanned down to one-inch increments in the unit. Trays can be stored close or far from the pick window based on usage. Adjustable horizontal and vertical tray speeds allow fragile items to be stored in the same unit as heavy-duty items.

VLM technology combines hardware and controls to store items in the least amount of space for extremely efficient cube utilization. VLMs can be placed side-by-side or back-to-back to form a compact and efficient automated storage and retrieval system. Modular design allows the VLM to be configured to meet varying ceiling heights. Unit height can be modified pre or post-installation to accommodate changes in business volume.

Vertical Carousel

The vertical carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system consisting of carriers or shelves that rotate up or down by the shortest path, automatically delivering items to an ergonomically positioned pick window. The vertical design offers maximum storage density in both low and high ceiling applications.

Vertical carousels handle a wide range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail and warehouse operations. Carriers and trays can be equipped with straight shelves, partitions and dividers, rods for reel storage, or roll out drawers and can hold totes, containers, cases and cartons.

Flexible Storage

Stored SKUs can be small items such as fasteners, electronics parts and jewelry, or large items such as dyes, tooling and automotive parts. A wide range of standard and special options allows storage of files and other media, and models are available with ESD protection, refrigerator and freezer capability, atmospheric sealing and robotic interface.

When grouped in a workstation configuration, multiple vertical carousels allow operators to pick from a tight footprint, further improving space utilization and throughput and productivity. The addition of a batch station and put lights allows between six and 28 orders to be picked simultaneously.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and Vertical Carousel Options:

  • Laser pointer and other integrated pick-to-light systems
  • WES, WMS, WCS and inventory management software integration
  • RFID, voice and barcode technology integration
  • Partitions and dividers for small item contamination free storage
  • Specialty holders and adapters to accommodate unique inventory requirements
  • Security doors and restricted access
  • Roll out drawers
  • Weigh scale integration

Typical Vertical Lift Module – Vertical Carousel – Order Fulfillment System Applications:

Distribution | Order Fulfillment | Ecommerce Omnichannel Fulfillment | MRO | Order Picking | Spare Parts Storage and Distribution | Work Cell Inventory | Tool and Dye Handling | Label Storage | Clean Room Buffer | Order Consolidation | Sample Storage | Dispensing of Laboratory Materials and Supplies | Work-in-Progress Improved picking productivity and throughput increases overall storage and retrieval efficiency resulting in reduced costs, extended order cutoff times, improved customer service, and more effective inventory stocking.