Horizontal Carousel Slotting Program Provides Lifetime Efficiency

Horizontal Carousel ProgramThe new horizontal carousel slotting program provides peak efficiency levels for the lifetime of the horizontal carousel system when utilizing SI Systems program.

The SI Systems horizontal carousel slotting program incorporates a full spectrum of carousel equipment, with controls and software that will slot (enable) organizations to keep the most efficient SKUs and items at the best locations in the carousel at all times.

The high efficiency  horizontal carousel program uses advanced algorithms to determine which items belong in the carousel system, in what location(s) and quantity. Because business changes and evolves constantly, many static and dynamic storage and retrieval systems degrade over time. By managing activity and locations, peak performance can be maintained for the lifetime of the horizontal carousel system.

“By utilizing SI Systems horizontal carousel lifetime efficiency system, the system can constantly provide maximum benefits such as reducing labor by 2/3 and increasing throughput by up to 600% from the day the system goes live and for years and decades in the future,” said Ed Romaine, VP Sales and Marketing for SI Systems.

For additional information, word document or high resolution images, please contact Ed Romaine at (610) 559-4043 or romaine@sihs.com

SI Systems has been providing world class automated software and material handling systems to order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 50 years. Systems include WES, WMS and WCS software, dispensing A-Frames, towlines and integration services.

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