Hybrid Assembly Technologies and Techniques Improves Durability and ROI

Hybrid Assembly Technologies & Techniques SI Systems will be exhibiting new Hybrid Assembly Technologies and Techniques which provide cost-effective assembly line and unit load conveyance systems at the 2016 Assembly Show in Chicago (booth #1501). By combining towline conveyor with AGVs and AGCs in one system the facility gets the best of both technologies to improve longevity and budget restraints.

“Because of SI Systems long successful history, we can focus on each customer’s products, manufacturing requirements, facility limitations and business plan to recommend and implement systems that provide the best fit. Financial targets are always critical and these hybrid systems can provide a greater return on investment and internal rate of return to an organization,” says Jim English, Senior Applications Engineer.

He continued, “By understanding each element and part of an organization’s requirement we can implement hybrid system utilizing combinations of AGVs, AGCs, three types of towlines, and multiple types of conveyor. Being able to combine technologies and processes allow SI Systems to optimize maintenance, reliability and acquisition cost requirements.”

Likewise, SI Systems will be demonstrating their Rejuvenation and Retrofit (R&R) program at the Assembly Show discussing how old legacy towline systems can be brought back to life and modified regardless of the original manufacturer at a fraction of the cost and implementation time.

SI Systems has been providing world class automated software and material handling systems to order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 50 years. Systems include WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), WCS (Warehouse Control Systems), and WES (Warehouse Execution Systems) software, order fulfillment dispensing A-Frames, towline in-floor conveyor, slotting and integration services. Visit www.sihs.com for more information and white papers on this subject or email: info@sihs.com.

Hybrid Assembly Technologies and Techniques

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