SI Systems, Inc. Introduces Jim English

Jim-EnglishJim English is SI Systems’ newest team member.  Does your facility need someone to guide you in the most efficient way to assemble and transport vehicles in your warehouse? Are you interested in moving large items in a production facility? Meet SI Systems’ Senior Applications and Sales Engineer, Jim English.

Jim English started SI’s Engineering department in 1981. “Working in SI Systems’ Product and Assembly (PAS) department is very challenging. Every project seems to be a new adventure to find unique ways to apply our products,” Jim explains. He smiles as he recalls his first assignment, the development of a product line named Mini-Cartrac. “Mini-Cartrac was a brand new product and it was very rewarding seeing it implemented in assembly applications.”

Jim English successively moved from Applications Engineering to Project Management within SI Systems. While working in these two departments, some of his most memorable projects include installation of systems at General Motors in Flint, MI, Merck Sharpe & Dohme in Somerset, NJ, and GE Appliance Park in Louisville, KY.

After a stint in the steel fabrication industry during the 1990’s, Jim English returned to SI Systems as an Applications Engineer in 1999 and was subsequently assigned to Production and Assembly Sales, focusing on SI Systems’ In-Floor Towline Conveyor, Lo-Tow®. “Popular for moving large vehicles such as farm tractors, ambulances, and fire trucks, I have also seen the Lo-Tow® used to transport newspaper rolls, furniture, and even carts of flowers.”

A 2009 Graduate of Northampton Community College, Jim English was awarded the Just Born Business Award for top performer in the Business Curriculum.

“SI Systems has given me incredible opportunities to grow professionally. I love the challenges that the work presents. But really, it’s the people I work with that make SI a great company; many of us grew up together while working for SI Systems.”

To learn more about SI Systems’ Towline, contact Jim English at or (610) 559-4013.


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