High Speed Mobile-Matic A-Frame Integrates with All Conveyor Systems

Mobile-Matic A-Frame

Portable Mobile-Matic A-Frame picks up to 2000 items/orders per hour

The patented Mobile-MaticTM portable high speed order fulfillment A-Frame can now easily integrate with all major conveyor manufacturers. The Mobile-Matic A-Frame system is designed for organizations with order picking applications that experience spikes in demand, have a small number of very fast moving SKUs or have a large number of one to three line orders.

The Mobile-Matic A-Frame helps relieve pressure from manual and automated picking operations by eliminating the need to re-slot additional lanes of SKUs to accommodate increased demand. The Mobile-Matic system is a simple “out-of-the-box” solution and can now work with any conveyor specifications. Controls are included and no special cabling is required. Unpack it, roll it up to the conveyor and connect power and network cabling.

Because the Mobile-Matic  A-Frame system doesn’t require the planning, system modifications and major investments typical of other solutions, the Mobile-Matic A-Frame provides a fast return on investment (ROI) and is a cost-effective means to reduce labor, improve accuracy and extend order cut-off times. With its compact footprint, the unit is easily moved into position adjacent to existing conveyor runs or small workstations to reduce labor.

Modular design, the Mobile-Matic models start as small as a single 16 SKUs and additional units can be added as needed. One “primary” unit controls up to three additional “secondary” units. The Mobile-Matic A-Frame works easily and integrates with other order picking systems, including pick-to-light, carousels, traditional A-Frames and manual order picking systems.

“The portable Mobile-Matic unit can easily integrate into an existing warehouse with minimal planning and is the optimal way to start automating a warehouse. It can pair with both existing software and with SI Systems’ SI-IWS Software,” said John C. Molloy, President and CEO of SI Systems.

The A-Frame family of products developed and implemented by SI Systems provides high speed order fulfillment utilizing zero order picking labor to improve organizations bottom line operations. The portable Mobile-Matic A-Frame allows organizations to improve their performance in a matter of weeks without interrupting normal operations.

For additional information, word document or high resolution images, please contact Ed Romaine at (484) 894-5211 or romaine@sihs.com.

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