New Lo-Tow Automatic Pallet Truck In-Floor Conveyor System

Pallet Truck In-Floor Conveyor SystemThe new Lo-Tow® pallet truck in-floor conveyor system dramatically improves operator productivity and accuracy. Ergonomic impact and its associated and costly human elements of injuries, training and litigation costs are reduced. Instead, operators load their pallet trucks and bring it over to the nearest towline pallet truck in-floor conveyor system station. They scan the destination, engage the towpin in seconds and the pallet truck is automatically delivered to the correct location in minutes, eliminating all human interaction.

Manual pallet trucks usage has become essential in meeting today’s organizations material handling requirements. These simple transport devices are inexpensive, intuitive to use and provide a high level of flexibility for material handling conveyance. Plus, existing pallet truck fleets can be easily retrofitted to run on the Lo-Tow towline system.

The hidden cost of pallet trucks become apparent when factoring the vast amount of time used for operators pulling pallet jacks and their loads of material for miles and hours every day in facilities. Likewise, the ergonomic factors of injury and fatigue and their associated costs become a factor due to operators pulling hundreds and thousands of pounds.

The Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system can be used in such places as distribution centers, cross-docking centers, mail or package sorting centers, manufacturing, production and assembly areas.

Pallet Truck In-Floor Conveyor System

By integrating multiple areas or zones within a facility with the Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system, operators can work zones and pass pallet trucks to other zones and their operators. This eliminates all dead-heading and wasted walking time. It also allows operators to be proficient in the skills knowledge necessary for working in a specific zone which improves accuracy, throughput and productivity.

Picking and passing the pallet trucks automatically between zones also reduces floor traffic which aids in the safety and productivity of your fork truck fleet and staff. This traffic is often a major consideration in having to expand and increase floor space requirements or increase the number of shifts.

Likewise, the same installed towline conveyor system can be used for pallet trucks, roller carts, custom carriers and other devices. Many operations utilize Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system to link receiving with high bay storage, retrieval, shipping zones and other value added zones or work areas within the facility.

Because the Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system is flush with the floor, traffic can easily move over the conveyor when not in use. This eliminates the impact of dividing the accessibility of a warehouse floor that traditional conveyor does.

The cost efficient Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system provides the fast return on investment that automated guided vehicles and carts (AGV/AGC) systems can’t provide.

SI Systems provides a wide range of Lo-Tow Towline in-floor conveyor systems that include unique Gap-Track™ jam-free operating technology, field proven extended life, remote dial in controls support, integrated NFF (No Fault Forward) assembly systems, zero-pit 6 inch trench technology, Rejuvenation & Retrofit (R&R) program and over 50 years of experience. Visit or email: for more information

Pallet Truck In-Floor Conveyor System

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  1. Drew says:

    Good advice for working with pallet trucks. It’s important to have a system in place to keep everyone in check and safe during the work day.