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A FUTURE-ORIENTED MINDSET – AN EFFIMAT® STORY – Denmark’s leading online retailer of bicycles, running, and cycling apparel – has been running its eCommerce operations since 2005. The company makes a great effort to maintain their top ranking in an industry that moves and changes quickly.  To maintain that top rank and keep ahead of the pack they have chosen to install storage robots as an essential part of their storage solution. This has enabled them to complete their plan for a highly compressed warehouse with high picking speed and quick access to products. now fully utilizes its streamlined warehouse operations. Orders can be processed in up to a few minutes before they are picked up. This makes them very attractive to customers who want a fast and efficient delivery. I Want to be Contacted


Like many businesses today Cykelpartner’s primary focus was to increase productivity and order accuracy, all while reducing space requirement and improving ergonomics. When evaluating order demand and space restrictions, chose to invest in 4 units of our robotic storage, EffiMat®. It was the optimal solution for the company as it allowed them to save a considerable amount of space, while improving performance and pick precision significantly. EffiMat® patented Intelligent Box Mover Technology enables both vertical and horizontal handling of items stored in its compartments. The result is a significant increase in picking speed and provides a system that delivers only the precise components to be used in an order. The EffiMat® greatly improves on existing VLM technology by storing products in independent storage units. The efficiency is driven by retrieving items in parallel, presenting up to five items for the operator to pack while EffiMat® gathers the next round of items. A pre-integrated Pick-to-light procedure supports the presentation of SKU’s and boxes, ensuring flawless and user-friendly picking. In addition, EffiMat® also enables employees to pick at an ergonomically correct height and eliminates much of the time wasting walking distance due to the compressed footprint.


EffiMat Vertical storage and distribution ROI enhancer provided by SI SYSTEMS LLC in the United States

EffiMat Vertical storage and distribution ROI enhancer

By using warehouse ASRS robots, has found a solution that reduces delivery time, minimizes delivery errors, and strengthens competitiveness. The entire operation has become much more efficient because the warehouse has become extremely compressed, which in turn provides faster access to products. With a highly compressed warehouse, a significant savings of space also follows and has been able to reduce the used footprint by 75% compared to traditional shelf storage. Intelligent Box Mover Technology has reduced the bearing’s picking error to an absolute minimum and the picking speed has greatly improved. CEO of, Michael Givskov had this to say about the effect the EffiMat® has had on his business: “The special thing about EffiMat® is the picking speed, because it runs with 5 boxes parallel to one shelf at a time. This means a significant resource saving, since our employees can pack an order, while EffiMat® picks up the next boxes. This solution saves us a whole lot of storage space and will increase both productivity and accuracy. The employees are happy with the prospect of fewer steps between shelving and to be able to pick most goods at an ergonomically correct height. Last but not least, it is also crucial for us that our own programmers have access to fill the EffiMat® software engine compartment so that we can make adjustments quickly and flexibly.”

By allowing to adapt the software to EffiMat® themselves they have a maximum flexibility for change.  This benefit has given them more power and control over their business which in turn gives them better profitability. The working environment at has noticeably improved.  EffiMat® has decreased the amount of unilateral work and heavy lifting, which spares strain on employees and leads to a happier, healthier team.

It is a large and comprehensive decision to automate a warehouse or production site. But optimum automation will make a business more effective and generate economic benefits. The delivery on performance, productivity, and precision has given an easily visible return on investment and a significant lead in the highly competitive world of e-commerce.

SI Systems is the exclusive supplier of EffiMat® in United States where we are committed to automate your future growth.

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