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ClassicMat storage for heavy and large itemsbestsupplychainsolutionsontheplanet

A space saving and operator friendly vertical lift module

  • Reduces footprint by up to 85%
  • High quality and reliability thanks to the pinion principle
  • Optimized for compact storage
  • Fast running traditional VLM
  • Automatic speed optimization relative to load
  • Simple configuration no planning of product locations needed
  • Easy integration into existing storage
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • The Classical Vertical Lift Module – With New Cutting Edge Advantages! 

    The ClassicMat™ is ideal for storage and handling of large or heavy items, and offers strong improvements over traditional VLMs

    • One of the fastest traditional VLM’s in the market due to light weight construction and optimized controls
    • Efficient noise reduction using a new type of cladding
    • Operator friendly with a secure opening
    • The perfect solution for long, large or heavy items
    • High quality and reliable construction based on rack & pinion principle

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