Pick-to-Tote A-Frame Provides Over 2X Speed Order Picking Being Introduced at Promat in Booth 5418

Pick-to-Tote A-FrameSI Systems will introduce its new Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame pick-to-tote A-Frame and shipper model at the upcoming Promat show in Chicago (April 3-6) which is capable of order picking small items over 2 times faster than other A-Frame models with zero picking labor.

Instead of picking items onto a belt and then consolidating into totes or shippers, the new A-Frame dispenses products from each channel directly into a passing tote or shipper. This provides dramatically faster throughput, virtually perfect accuracy and requires less floor space. Totes or shippers move through the A-Frame up to 90 feet per minute with only one inch of space apart. This assures throughputs that can hit up to 4,200 orders per hour, not lines per hour.

The Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame consists of vertical channels located on each side of a conveyor. Every channel holds a specific SKU and can dispense up to five items per second. The Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame’s ability to manage every order’s requirement through the system allows the conveyor to run at the maximum speed possible for every order going through the system. Because this model uses totes or shippers, rather than a belt, items are easily dispensed and captured in the container eliminating the risk of SKU or order contamination.

Likewise, a pick-to-tote or shipper model A-Frame allows for orders to be automatically recirculated back into the A-Frame, without any human intervention, to pick up additional quantities or missing items. This feature saves both floor space and labor for orders requiring manual intervention which is required in pick-to-belt models.

The Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame pick-to-tote or shipper model is ideal for high speed order fulfillment requirements in a wide range of applications including store orders, omni-channel, retail, kitting and manufacturing.

SI Systems has been providing world class automated material handling solutions, systems and software for order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 53 years. Solutions and systems include workstation A-Frames, portable A-Frames, document inserters, towline conveyor, carousels, VLMs, AGV and AGC, WES, WMS and WCS software plus consulting, slotting and integration services.


Pick-to-Tote A-Frame

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