Randy Randolph- SI Systems

Randy Randolph to Oversee East Coast Sales Efforts for SI Systems

EASTON, PA; January 9, 2017 – SI Systems a manufacturer, designer and implementer of high speed order fulfillment systems, has named Randy Randolph as its East Coast VP of Sales. Mr. Randolph brings decades of driving successful integrated, automated material handling equipment, software and systems throughout the industry.

Utilizing SI Systems core product group of A-Frame dispensing systems, document inserters, WES, WMS and WCS software suite plus an integrated consultant and slotting group, Randolph will be working with organizations looking to enhance their order fulfillment requirements to the next level. These organizations include a network of OEMs, dealers, integrators and 3PL partners not to mention end users.

“This addition of a valuable asset such as Randolph, strengthens SI Systems’ ability to exceed our customer’s requirements and provide world class performance levels to our customer’s principles and shareholders, said Ed Romaine, VP Sales & Marketing.

Prior to joining SI Systems, Randolph spent years providing supply chain consulting with organizations such as Randolph Hearst, CDS Global, Metron North America, EBay Enterprise, GSI Commerce, NewRoads and Dematic USA.

Mr. Randolph and his wife live and work out of the Atlanta, GA region.

For additional information, please contact Ed Romaine, VP Sales and Marketing at 800-523-9464 or romaine@sihs.com

Headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, SI Systems has been providing automated material handling systems for manufacturing, assembly, and order fulfillment and distribution operations for over 50 years.

Randy Randolph- SI Systems

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